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Products & Services

We provide following advanced and good quality solar products & systems as under.
Off Grid system - With & without Battery back up

These systems are very useful where Grid electricity is not available in remote or hilly areas.Battery back up with such off-grid solar system makes system slightly expensive but looking to lack of infrasturcture this is too good as installation of such system is very fast & power security is dependable.

On Grid solar systems

On grid solar system are now widely accepted due to its low initial expenditure attracting almost 3 years ROI.Due to Net meter concept (Bi-directional meter)it is now accpeted very fast,looking to its pricing falling down drastically in last 2 years.

Hybrid Solar systems

Hybrid will be the latest concept and will be very widely accepted in near future as costs are less,but still awareness is not much.But within next 3-4 years almost 90% solar systems sold will be Hybride due to maximum flexiibility & falling Battery prices due to innovative technology like fast charging & longer life span.

Solar EPC using various technologies like

Micro Inverter - Ease of wiring,flexibility,safety are prime features of the micro inverters.But Price of micro inverters are still hindering the growth of this product.

String Inverter is Widely accepted due to price and avaialbitly of string inverter.People are familier with string inverter due to less price of the system.Features of protection and communication,user friendly display of parameters make more acceptability of string inverters.

Polycrystalline Solar modules are widely accpeted & available in India,due to price range and as average generation is satisfactory.

Monocrystalline Solar modules are suitable due to space savings of almost 10% in Industries,commercial institution.Even rates for the same are little higher than PV modusles at present.Average annual solar generations in both systems are almost same due to higher ambient temperaturs in India.In cool countires of Europe MONO modules are more efficient and give higher generation.

DC Optimizers are used for better generation and optimum use DC optimizers are very useful.Better designing and instalaltion yields much better results.

Solar policy for Industries & commercial institutions

Solar installation for industrial & commercial installation does not attract any subsidy ,but have accelerated depreciation in Income tax provisions & GST credit of 8.9%,which makes solar investements more lucrative.Considering above referred benefits ROI (Return on Investements) in solar is approximately 36 months in this sector. Rates for solar system in this domain have considerably reduced within last 2 years,hence investements are worthy.

Solar Policy for Acedamic & healthcare instituions i.e Social sector

Any Non profit making organization (NGO) & social trusts involved in Healthcare,Educational and Social activites is covered under 30 % MNRE subsidy scheme.Registration under Trust act under Charity commisioner is essential to avail benefits of this scheme.

Policy in residential sector is very affordable as there is 30% MNRE (Central) subsidy in entire India.