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Rectifier Transformer:

We manufacture and supply rectifier transformers up to 11 kv class and 6 MVA. Transformers of 6 pulse/12 pulse with high current application can be supplied. Various tapings on main can be supplied or regulating transformer can be used for effective process control using latest current or voltage control methods .Transformers can be supplied using diodes or thyristors depending upon application and client's requirement. Different configurations can be used in designing and supplying the rectifier transformers as under.

  • Voltage regulation using off-load tap changer, on load tap changer, variac control or thyristors
  • 6 pulse,12 pulses or higher with phase shifting
  • Regulation unit either combined or separate

These transformers are suitable for various D.C. applications like D.C. Traction for trains, smelting operations, electrolysis etc. Fine control of voltage is achieved using saturable reactors on secondary side.