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Distribution Transformer

LT Voltage Stabilizer:

L.T. VOLTAGE STABILIZER being easy to handle are installed in all the running units, units having L.T. connections,units having small H.T. connections.These can be manufactured for Balance Input Voltage and Unbalanced Voltage and Unbalanced load.

  • LT VOLTAGE STABILIZER supplies rated Stabilized Voltage to the Transformer.
  • Undistorted output characteristics ie. no wave from distoration
  • Moving parts on L.T. side and it's mass is extremely low, only few lb-tnch torque.
  • Energy saving & High efficiency (about 99%) and minimum no-load losses
  • Simlpicity and Flexibility of design and on load stepless Voltage variation
  • Long service life
  • Regulating coils are wound with rectangular conductors on their edge,thus giving high mechanical strength compared to other designs