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Solar system is steady/static system & hence requires very less maintenance except surface cleaning to get maximum yield/Generation.

Solar PV modules are generally guaranteed for its performance for 25 years with depriciation considerations.

String Inverters are supplied normally with 5 years warranty & requires one replacement upto 25 years life span.

Micro invereters are supplied with 25 years warranty by most of the manufacturers in the world.

Micro inverters have ease of wiring,simplicity,flexibility and maximum adaptability irrespective of solar module specifications.

On Grid solar system (along with NetMeter) is an additional/auxiliary power supply and hence capacity of solar sytem is less important to cater the load.As Grid power is primary source and takes lead to feed load and fluctuation of electric loads.Hence seelction of solar system mailnly depends on space available,consumption & budgetory provivisons.Solar generation if not consumed with in premises is exported toGrid and electrical energy arrived from Grid is measured in Imprt counter.At the end of billing cycle difference of Import and export counter is considered.

Off Grid Battery operated solar system is not only expensive compared to ON Grid systems ,but also costlier if maintenace of batteries is considered.

Hybrid solar system gives both benefits of ON grid & Off Grid,but is costlier compared to both solar systems.

Monocrystalline solar modules are better than poly crystalline modules,but are costlier to Poly modules.

FAQ - Voltage Stabilizers

Reliable stabilizers rolling contact type stabilizers have efficiency around 99% ,which is much higher that conventional dimmer(torroidal) type stabilizers.

Rolling contacts are very sturdy,hence have very longer life compared to conventional rectangular carbon brush.

Due to robust construction roling contact stabilizers normally comes with 5 years unconditional guarantee.

Rolling contacts roll over winding & hence have very less erosion compared to thin rectangular construction of torroidal winding,where carbon brush moves & creates self deterioration .

Voltage stabilizers are now a days must looking to growing use of electronic products in industrial use like AC drives,DC drives,PLC etc.,as this decreases risk of failure of such instruments.